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MyGLOBUL mobile portal


MyGLOBUL mobile portal gives you access to one incredible mobile world only for you. Here you will find variety of mobile content and services, designed especially for you and compatible with your handset.

Now you can browse the home portal absolutely free of charge* and the GPRS traffic for download and streaming content for the portal is also free of charge.

MyGLOBUL mobile portal offers:

Three portal versions with intuitive navigation and modern design - WML version for low class handsets; xHTML version with innovative design and user friendly navigation, accessible with all WAP 2.0 devices. HTML version for smart phones, PDA, windows mobile devices.

MaxPlay! – maximum music for you!
Enjoy the benefits of the latest service in MyGLOBUL mobile portal – MaxPlay! Subscribe and get 100 free auditions for music included in the MaxPlay! zone.

NEWMaxChoice – maximum choices for your mobile!
Enjoy the benefits of the latest service in MyGLOBUL mobile portal – MaxChoice. Subscribe and get 20 free downloads for items included in the MaxChoice zone.

Integrated “search engine” which will easily and bring you to desired content in the portal.

Multimedia – mobile content, compatible with your device. Wallpapers, Animations, Cards, Melodies, Real Tones, Videos, Java games and slideshows.

FUN Call – rich collection of FUN Call songs and melodies, grouped in several categories. Management of the service – purchase, gift content, management of groups, contacts and profiles.

Info Guide – Information and Entertainment services for your free time. Preview of news, weather, sport, horoscopes and much more useful and interesting services. Management of subscriptions for info services via mobile portal.


  • VIP zone – free multimedia content for the most active portal users.
  • Erotic Zone – special zone with erotic content with option for parental control.

Game zone – Online games.

Management of services – Who Called?; Talk2Me; Voice Mail; MMS and GPRS settings; Change of zones password.


General Portal Search – Now you can easily find your favourite song, melody, video or java game. With the new search engine in the portal you should only enter keyword and will find out all results, grouped by content type.

Multimedia Packages – with this new service you can easily and on lower price get several real tones, videos or mix of several content types items with one purchase.

Streaming Videos – If you are tired to download your favorite clips at your mobile, now you can stream them via mobile portal.

Streaming Audio – Now you can „listen” your favorite music hits via mobile portal.

PlayList – With „PlayList” you can create your own compilation of audio and video content and listen or watch it when ever you want via mobile portal.

FULL Track – For all music fans MyGLOBUL mobile portal presents FULL Track download option. You can download song or video clip with full length.

Music Zone – All music content is now available in one zone. You can find real tones, poly melodies, videos or fun call melodies. Also you can manage your play list, listen or watch favorite music.

TV channels – Live TV channels for streaming directly from your mobile. You can chose from different type of subscription access.

Live zone – All streaming video and Live TV is compiled in live zone so you can easily access it every time you want


MyGLOBUL mobile portal is available for all GLOBUL subscribers using subscription plans or pre paid service B-connect. It is reachable via GPRS or CSD in GLOBUL network.

Subscriber profile
When you enter the portal for first time you should select portal version and language. Then these settings are stored to your personal profile and you will always browse the mobile portal in a chosen way.

Multimedia content is automatically filtered according to your phone supported formats. You can download the content or send it to friend. FUN Call content and service management is available for all portal users and is not handset dependent.

Search in the portal is done via keyword or part of it which determinates the name of the content. For example you can use artist name or song name as a keyword if you are looking for real tone. Search results are presented grouped by content type.

Multimedia packages
Packages are grouped by type of mobile content – real tones, poly melodies, video clips and mix of these three content types and they are automatically filtered according to your phone supported file formats. When you select a package you may “review” its content - number, type and name of the items. When you purchase a package, you are charged with the published package price and can download its content directly on your phone according to its supported formats.

Listening/ Watching of content
You can listen or watch content through GPRS in the GLOBUL 2G and 3G network and depend on your phone supported file formats.

Online TV and Cameras
Watching TV and cameras online in MyGLOBUL mobile portal is accessible only for UMTS phones, registered in GLOBUL 3G network via GPRS. You can watch TV in real time or cameras with one time access or upon subscription for “Daily”, “Weekly” or “Monthly” access to the selected TV pack by paying the corresponding price. The monthly TV subscription is with activated automatic renewal. After you make a subscription for TV, it is automatically added to „My subscriptions”, from where you can watch without additional charge until subscription expires. In “My subscriptions” you can also check and manage the status of auto renewal option for the monthly TV subscriptions.

FULL Track
The service is accessible for all WAP users with mobile phones supported .mp3 and .aac music formats.
Note: The volume of files for FULL Track download may exceed 3-4MB. Make sure you have enough free space in your handset before you purchase content.

Options for content supplement to the play list are valid in case of availability of selected content for “watching” or “listening”. You can add a song or a video in PlayList for a selected period – day, week or month. With content review in you PlayList you can see for every song or video its validity period. When “subscription” for particular song or video is expired, the content is automatically deleted form your PlayList.

Your handset should support streaming and should be correctly set in order to use MaxPlay! By subscribing for MaxPlay! you get 100 free auditions of songs, included in this zone for 30 days period of time. The subscription is with activated automatic renewal upon validity expiration or exhausting the included free auditions. In “My subscription” menu you can check the remaining free auditions in the current subscription as well as manage the auto renewal option. Downloading the FULL Track songs via MaxPlay! zone is not included in the subscription and is not free of charge. For each FULL Track song you will se respective price for download.

Your handset should support one of the following formats to use the service (.mp3|.wav|.amr|.awb|.rmf|.aac|.mmf|.gif) and to be correctly configured. The subscription for MaxChoice gives you 20 downloads of songs, pictures and other content included in the service menu, for a period of 30days. The subscription is with auto renewal option activated upon 30days period expire or exhausting of included 20 items. In “MySubscription” menu you can always check the validity period and remaining download items, as well as manage the status of auto renewal option. Using the option “gift to friend” is not included in these 20 download items and is not for free.


The prices are published for every mobile content and are in BGN with VAT inclusive.

In case you use option “send to friend” you are charged with the value of the mobile content.

* Free GPRS traffic for browsing, download, streaming content from the portal is free of charge when using access point (APN) „globul” in GLOBUL network. When using CSD connection or GPRS with another APN, charge is according to the rate plan of the subscriber. GPRS traffic for browsing, download, streaming content from the portal when in roaming is not free and is charged as per tariffs of the roaming operator network.


To get access to MyGLOBUL mobile portal you need to use WAP supported phone and should have valid settings for GLOBUL network.

Automatic settings
If you are a new GLOBUL subscriber or have replaced your previous handset, the system will automatically identify the make and model of your handset and will send the necessary settings depending on the functions your handset supports.

To learn more information about automatic TV settings, please click here »

TV and Cameras streaming in real time is accessible only for 3G phones, registered in GLOBUL UMTS.

For watching/listening of mobile content or TV/Camera streaming in real time, your phone should have settings for “streaming”.

If you don`t have profile for “streaming” in your handset and try to watch/listen content from mobile portal, you can select the profile, which you are using for access to the mobile portal. You can set new access point to use it for “streaming”, just define the setting APN, using access point “globul”.

To receive settings, send free SMS to 100 with content TV.