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What does the GLOBUL iPayWallet do?

The e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet is a co-branded payment tool, combining the advantages of mobile and payment services in a single reliable solution. It provides unlimited options for flexible management of your funds in real time – any day, at any time:

  • Payment in commercial locations
  • Sending and receiving of funds
  • Payment of utilities
  • Online payments
  • ATM withdrawal

Download the mobile app for your e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet on your smartphone

How do you manage your funds by the e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet?

By the e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet you have the opportunity to quickly and easily manage and control your funds in several different ways:

  • GLOBUL iPay MasterCardTM – co-branded card, which you may use for:

    • Payment for goods and services at commercial locations with the sign of MasterCard̉̀
    • Online shopping
    • ATM cash withdrawal

The co-branded GLOBUL iPay MasterCard̉̀ is very suitable for such type of purchases because it has a chip and a PIN code, its content is preliminary deposited by you and the most important thing – it has an extremely high level of security.

  • Mobile phone - by SMS or by the special application iPay Mobile for iOS, Android and Windows phones - you can anywhere, any day, at any time:

    • Pay your or someone else‘s utility bills if they are registed in your e-wallet, while being on the move
    • Receive reminders for utility bills by SMS or by e-mail
    • Instantly send funds to relatives and friends if they have or decide to register at
    • Instantly receive funds from other GLOBUL iPayWallet customers at any time

  • Internet website – your profile in this site provides you with the opportunity to:

    • Send funds, which become available right after completing the transaction
    • Deposit funds from other debit or credit card
    • Check balance of funds and become informed for the transactions, completed by you in real time
    • Control the access to your funds and their security through personal settings

In this way the e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet gathers at one place the electronic funds, which are only accessible to you, through your card GLOBUL iPay MasterCard̉̀ with chip and mobile phone, so that you get the most comfortable and accessible means of performing payments, cash withdrawal, sending and receiving funds anywhere at any time.

Why should you choose the e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet?

In everyday life, more and more often you need to have funds at hand for secured and quick payments and transactions. With the e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet you don‘t need cash anymore. The e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet is the innovative way for performing payments, and it is different from what the debit and credit cards offer.

Choose the e-wallet GLOBUL iPayWallet and benefit from its advantages:
  • No credit check-ups No bank or payment accounts No fees for:
    • Service
    • Payment at POS terminals at commercial locations
    • Online payments for goods and services
    • Receiving funds

  • Low fees* for:

    • ATM cash withdrawal within/outside the EU
    • Deposit of funds through personal debit/credit card MasterCard / VISA , registered in your profile at or in the mobile application iPay Mobile
    • Instant sending of funds
    • Issuing of a card GLOBUL iPay MasterCard̉̀:

      The price is 3 BGN for clients of GLOBUL postpaid or prepaid programs. These clients should have a contract with GLOBUL, respectively they have to be registered as prepaid services customers of GLOBUL until 19.02.2013 inclusive.

      For all other users the standard price is 4 BGN.

  • Extremely high level of security for performing online payments
  • Sending and receiving funds – by SMS, throught the mobile application iPay Mobile or through, as the funds become available right after completing the sending transaction.

*For more information about transaction fees: