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What is GLOBUL Garant Plus?

Developed especially for the GLOBUL customers, this service grants you the security to use your phone when you most need it – in case of an accident, sickness, job search, etc. If it happens so that someone steals the SIM card of your phone, there will be someone to cover the phone calls made by someone else, as well as large part of the phone value.

How can I use the service?

You may activate the service by visiting a store from the GLOBUL network and the network of its commercial representatives and to express your desire to activate the service.

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Who may benefit from the service

The GLOBUL GARANT PLUS service is available for all new and current subscribers of GLOBUL who are physical persons within the age group 18-65 at the time of activation of the service. One subscriber can activate the service for a maximum of 3 telephone numbers.

You are granted security, bill protection and mobile handset theft coverage for only 2.99 BGN per month.

The fee for each number with the service activated will be added to your monthly bill.

What does the GLOBUL GARANT PLUS give you

  • Security in difficult times
  • Protection of the entire bill (no matter what it includes – phone calls, text messages, MMS, value added services, roaming, leasing, VAT, etc.).
  • With the activation of one number* you are protecting the entire invoice**
  • The service is easy to activate

ÊFor the cases of decreased income and unchanged unavoidable expenses, we offer you a solution for meeting the financial difficulties during unfavorable life situations.

Covered risks

  • Mobile handset theft***
  • Permanent partial or total disability over 70% resulting from an accident
  • Temporary disability caused by an accident or sickness, lasting more than 60 calendar days
  • Hospitalization as a result of an accident
  • Involuntary unemployment due to redundancy, lasting more than 60 calendar days
  • Fraudulent use of a SIM card that has been stolen

The coverage is valid for a period of 1 year and is automatically renewed, provided that the subscriber continues to pay the monthly fee of 2.99 BGN.

*** With the coverage “Mobile handset theft” the customer can get a compensation and may use it for a new phone purchase. The compensation amount is up to 75% of the stolen handset’s amount, minimum 50 BGN an maximum 1000 BGN. The coverage “Handset theft” will be activated with each handset purchase for 12-months period and remains in effect until the client keeps paying for the service.

In each of the above mentioned covered risks, your monthly GLOBUL bill will be covered (based on 3 average monthly bills prior to the occurrence of the event). Depending on the circumstances, between 2 and 12 average monthly bills will be covered, and the total sum of bills covered cannot exceed 1200 BGN.

Deactivation of the service

The service can be deactivated after submitting a deactivation application at a store from the GLOBUL network and the network of its commercial representatives.

Coverage exclusion

The risk "Temporary disability due to sickness" is not covered if it has occurred during the first 30 days after activating the service.

The risks "Permanent partial or total disability over 70% resulting from an accident", "Temporary disability due to an accident or sickness" and "Hospitalization as a result of an accident" are not covered, in case they are resulting from a pre-existing sickness, committing a crime, improper behavior during driving, etc.

The risk "Involuntary unemployment due to redundancy" is only covered for employed under labor contract persons 90 days after the activation of the service.

The risks "Fraudulent use of the SIM card due to theft" and “Mobile handset theft” are excluded if the police is not notified of the theft within 24 hours of its occurrence.

More information

Get information about the complete terms of use of the service at the stores from the GLOBUL commercial network

Terms of Service (BG, 161 KB)

Information about the service GLOBUL GARANT
(the service is not available since 01.08.2012)